At St Joseph's School, we believe that home and school partnership is the foundation of an high quality education. Effective partnership requires a high level of trust, mutual respect and effective communication. St Joseph's School Papanui prides itself on the variety and quality of communication we provide parents. This communication ensures parents understand how the school operates, are up to date with recent events and have a deep understanding of their children's learning. Communication is a two way process. As a result, the school operates an open door policy where we encourage open communication with parents. Parents are encouraged to have regular dialogue with the teachers and the school. Parents are asked to immediately contact the appropriate teacher as soon as an issue or query arises. 

The school has many communication tools to use to ensure parents can find out information about school operation as well as different events that are coming up or have taken place. These tools include:


It is essential that parents and / or caregivers advise the school office -  or ph 03 3528779 by 8.55am if your child will not be attending school, or if they will be late.  If you receive a phone call or text about your son/daughter's absence it is for our information and for your child's protection.  A daily check is kept on arrivals and departures and also on punctuality.  If students are leaving during the term for a holiday or for any other reason please advise the class teacher and Principal.  It is very important that students attend school every day unless they are sick.


The school website includes all the information you could possibly want to know about the school, ranging from Board policies to school lunches. Just in case you misplaced the latest newsletter, all newsletters are archived onto the website for easy access and reference to when required. 


Facebook is an effective tool from the school to use to celebrate events and students success. The school's Facebook page is regularly updated with fun photos as well as messages. Click here to view the St Joseph's School on FACEBOOK. 

Weekly Newsletter

A school newsletter is produced each week, usually on Thursdays. The newsletter contains important information that allows parents to keep up with the latest events. The newsletter is emailed to all parents on the register as a PDF using School-Links. If you are unable to open the PDF, please view the help-links on the right. The newsletter is also uploaded onto the website.


St Joseph's School uses HERO as an online learning management system. Parents and caregivers who download the Hero app and log into their profile will receive school messages and will be able to access other information relating to the school account and student achievement. 

Instructions on how to download the Hero App and logging on to your HERO account can be accessed opening the Home and School Communication document that is uploaded in the column on the right. 


All teachers can be contacted using their school email. Parents should feel free to send a classroom teacher or the school office an email with information or a query. We will always endeavour to respond to your email promptly.


Parents may enter the classrooms at any time providing that they do not disrupt the children's learning. Parents are encouraged to approach the classroom teacher before or after school if they would like to discuss any issue. However it is more effective if parents organise a meeting with the classroom teacher to discuss any issue in depth. Teachers can also be contacted by phone through the school office. The best time to contact a teacher by phone is after school. The Principal and Deputy Principal are also available for feedback or to listen to any concerns you may have.