School Account and Stationery

School Account

The St Joseph’s School Papanui Board of Trustees is committed to providing a quality faith based education for all students enrolled at the school. The Board achieve this in part by effectively utilising the funding provided by the Ministry of Education to deliver quality learning experiences.

As a decile 9 school, the funding from the Ministry of Education does not cover all the costs associated with operating a school that meets the expectations of the wider school community. As a result, the school is required to supplement its income with charitable grants, donations from the Parents and Teachers Association as well as contributions from families. The Board of Trustees is very aware of the financial pressures that affects many families. 

This information booklet attached on the right has been developed to ensure that families clearly understand how the school account has been put together. It is our hope that this information will enable families to effectively plan for upcoming expenses relating to their children’s education at St Joseph’s School. Parent cooperation and support is greatly appreciated. To view the information booklet, please click on the link on the right.

Diocesan Fees

The Diocesan Fee is made up of 
Attendance Dues   $ 90.50 / child per term and a
Special Character Contribution   $ 12.50 / child per term.  
  • Total   $103.00 / child per term  = $412 / child per year
The Attendance Dues is not a school fee. It is a fee set by the school's proprietor, the Catholic Bishop of Christchurch. As a consequence attendance dues are paid directly to the Parish of Christchurch North who collect the fee on behalf of the proprietor. 
Unlike  a state school, the Ministry of Education does not fund capital cost for buildings or land improvements. The responsibility for this remains with the school proprietor. As a result, the proprietor set a fee  so that funding is available to provide children enrolled at Catholic schools with a quality learning environment. 

School Stationery

The class stationery lists have been carefully managed to minimise financial costs to family. Items on the list have been selected to ensure students can fully participate in all curriculum activities. If you already have stationery items at home you do not need to purchase new items. The scientific Calculator listed on the Year 7-8 lists is the same calculator they use at secondary school. This means the calculator they purchase this year will get years of use. 

A copy of the stationery lists can be downloaded by clicking the link on the right. 

The school has chosen stationery brands available at any good stationery retailer. Alternatively parents have the option of ordering stationery online through OFFICE MAX. Order online through OFFICE MAX takes the hassle out of organising your child’s stationery. Simply go to:, select the appropriate class then identify the items on the stationery list you want to order. Enter your credit card details and confirm your purchase. Your stationery will be delivered to your home address before the school term begins.