Home Learning

The Home Learning programme is founded on education research and is implemented constantly throughout the school in response to the needs of learners. The St Joseph’s School Home Learning Programme is designed to: 
  • Encourage a positive learning disposition
  • Develop a love of reading
  • Provide children with the opportunity to, practice skills taught as well as discuss or share how concepts taught at school relate to their lives
  • Develop self-management skills 
The school recognises the value that learning opportunities beyond the school provide through participation in cultural and sporting activities. Developing a broad range of skills and interests outside of school are far more likely to have a positive impact on children’s lives than spending extended amounts of time completing homework tasks. 

The school appreciates that some families may want to provide their children with additional home learning opportunities. The school has provided a website dedicated to providing families and learners with additional online learning that they may choose to do - Learning From Home

Parents play an essential role in the home learning process. It is important that parents establish a regular, structured home learning routine. Parents need to take on the role of the supporter and cheerleader, encouraging children to give it a go and celebrating their success in what they are doing. Research shows that parents who show their children that they have an unwavering belief in their child’s ability to achieve have a huge impact on their attitude at school. 

Parents and caregivers should not hesitate to contact their classroom teacher if they are struggling to motivate their child in their home learning or if you need support supporting your child with some of the concepts in their learning that is sent home. 

Teachers do not have the ability to control how home learning tasks are completed at home. Consequently, teachers regularly monitor the completion of home learning. If home learning tasks have not been completed over a number of weeks the teacher will make contact with the parents to discuss the issue. If parents have concerns regarding their home learning they should also contact their child’s homeroom teacher. 

We believe that the opportunities we provide for home learning will help children to develop independence, realise their full potential, and prepare them for the next stage in their education. Parents and caregivers can access the school Home Learning Policy or the Home Learning Procedures which contains information relating to the research that underpins Home Learning by clicking on the hyperlink. 

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