Religious Education

The educational programme of St Joseph's School is based on the Catholic philosophy of education which aims at the development of the whole person - spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth.
The first and primary function of the school is to provide a caring Christian environment which challenges each child to develop his/her God-given talents to the full. It is our task to both guide, and facilitate growth in Christian attitudes and values, to lead children to a greater awareness of the dignity of their own person, and that of others through our Education in Faith programme. This programme permeates all aspects of the curriculum and daily living as well as providing structured Religious Education lessons from the Religious Education Curriculum.

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This curriculum invites children to personal faith in Jesus and helps them make their faith become, living, conscious and active through daily prayer and liturgy, song, grace and attendance at Mass and their participation in the Sacraments. Our Parish team works closely with the school with regular weekly visits and by supporting staff with regular Masses and Reconciliation liturgies.
Staff are also supported by the Catholic Education Office. Support comes in the form of regular Director of Religious Studies meetings and inservice courses under the guidance of the Primary Schools Religious Education Advisor.