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Opac & e-platfrom One

The Ford Library is now available online for the children to search books. We also have an e-platform for children at our school to read e-books. The ebooks can be read directly on your iOS or Android device with mobile apps. Alternatively the e-books can be downloaded onto either a PC, Mac, Laptop, iPad, iPod touch, Android device, Sony or Kobo e-readers. Unfortunately, the Kindle e-reader is the only device that is not compatible, as it is Amazon only.
If your child is interested in using the e-platform and they have your consent, the school librarian will issue them with a library card showing their barcode number, which is needed for their registration. The registration form will be sent by email to the librarian and if correct, an acceptance e-mail is then sent back to user.
The e-platform is very safe as the books are vetted and are age suitable. Please note we have purchased a range of high interest books for children who find reading a challenge.