As a healthy school we request that parents provide a packed lunch for their child each day. Food should be contained in a clean container or bag. Enough food should be provided for the student's morning-tea and lunch.  

St Joseph's School is a Waste Free School. We encourage parents and caregivers to provide lunches in reusable containers and avoid using clear-film or lunch wrap.  All children will be asked to to keep unwanted food and wrappers in their lunchbox and take it home. 

Although the school has a number of drinking fountains the school can use, it is also recommended that all children bring a bottle of water to school.

The following are opportunities for parents to purchase lunches for their children.
  • Wednesdays - Sushi can be purchased by placing an order before Wednesday  through the Lunch-Online website
  • Fridays - The P.T.A. sell lunches on Fridays. Information detailing the lunch that will be provided is included in the school's weekly newsletter.  Orders are taken before school on a Friday from the Hall kitchen.

Milk in Schools

St Joseph's School Papanui in partnership with Fonterra provides all students with a small carton of milk each morning. This is a great way to supplement the children's diet. This programme is voluntary. Students can choose to drink or not to drink the milk provided.