About our Community

Without doubt, our greatest asset is "our people." There is a real sense of community, ownership, commitment and pride in our school from parents, children and staff alike. This is an integral part of the culture of our school and something to be valued highly.
The school enjoys strong community support, and parental involvement is welcomed in most aspects of the school's activities.
Please click on the sub pages, Board of Trustees, and PTA (Parent Teacher Association), to check on meeting dates for the year and the names of the people involved on these two important groups within the life of the school.

St Joseph's School is part of the Catholic School's Kahui Ako. The Kahui Ako has been split into three hubs. The North Hub consists of St Joseph's School Papanui, St Joseph's School Rangiora, St Alban's Catholic, St Bede's College and Marian College. 

The diocese has plans to relocate Marian College to land adjacent to St Jospeh's School Papanui. To see a plan outlining the relocation, please click on the link to the right.